A Rostrum Wedding

Rostrum Victoria strategy group has digital enablement as one pillar of its strategy plan.  What is this about?  We are looking at the new technologies that people need to master in order to work in 2020s. Job interviews are often held online, many meetings are held online with participants from across the country if not the world.  People work from home and use technology to communicate with their fellow workers.  Rostrum has a place to play in helping people with this form of communication.

A lot is happening in Rostrum Victoria.

We have completed the Voice of Youth Speaking Competition which has been coordinated by Freeman Kylie Campbell and what a job she does. Voice of Youth is an important Rostrum contribution to the youth in our community. We are certainly beneficiaries of Kylie’s efforts 

Rachel, Cicero editor 2019

We welcome our new members to Rostrum and look forward to the ideas and enthusiasm that they bring. Let your club training officer know your personal targets so that you can work towards your goals. 

A Rostrum Wedding

When Sean Mc Caul joined Rostrum Club 48 Preston, Victoria he was an instant favourite. His speeches were a highlight of the meeting and often thought-provoking.

David Wajchman with Mayor

The annual Gil Lee-Archer competition for clubs in the Eastern Region was again hosted by Carnegie Club 68 on Monday 15 July.  The usual venue in the Carnegie Library Building was unavailable this year due to rectification works, so  the competition was held at the Duncan McKinnon Reserve Pavilion in Murrumbeena, 


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