Two awards are made at each meeting:

The Geoff Moffat Bright Spark Award
  • This Award is given by the member thanking coach and speakers. The original concept of the award was to reward the person who had through some witticism or action at the meeting provided that extra spark to the meeting and encouraged the participation, involvement and enjoyment of other members and visitors. It is not an award for completing a particularly good exercise or excellence in the Chair.

Best Exercise of the Day Award
  • The Coach considers which member has made the most valuable contribution to the meeting. It may be for an exercise, some input into the business section of the meeting or any other contribution the Coach considers valuable.


Annual Awards given at the end of year breakfast.  

Best Speaker

Given by the Coach to the person who over the year has given above average speaches.

Most Improved Speaker

Given by the Coach to the person they think has improved over the year..

Neil McLean Award 

Is given in acknowledgment to a member who has contributed over and above to the club during the year. The recipient is selected by President/committee members. 


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