Meeting  Time

Weekly on Tuesdays, 12.45pm to 1.40pm



The Metropolitan Hotel, 46 Grote Street, Adelaide - room located through courtyard. The Metropolitan Hotel is located next to Her Majesty's Theatre on the corner of Grote and Pitt Streets.

Food is available for purchase and members re encouraged to buy lunch.


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



About Club 9

Established in 1958, ROSTRUM CLUB 9 has been helping
people to develop skills in communication, leadership, and to
grow in confidence.

Club 9 is a lively, happy and interesting group of people of all
ages and backgrounds who come together weekly to entertain
and inform each other whilst practising the art of public
speaking. We are a mix of novice and experienced speakers
who enjoy the company of visitors and new members.

The formula is simple: LEARN - PRACTICE - ENJOY.

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What can you expect from Rostrum?

  • Structured training which can be adapted to a member’s needs
  • Help and advice from an accredited Coach.
  • The opportunity to learn administrative practices of a small organisation.
  • Being challenged, and encouraged to expand your comfort zone to accept that challenge.
  • Expanding your horizons with new topics and people.
  • In a world where news and “facts” are so often the concoction of media advisers, influencers, vested interests, and the dark world of social media, Rostrum encourages you to “think truly and speak clearly” FIND YOUR VOICE.

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 What can you expect from
Rostrum Club 9?

  • A warm and welcoming “family” who have trodden, or are treading, the same learning path.
  • A mentor, if you choose, to provide ongoing help and guidance.
  • A friendly platform from which to practice.
  • Challenges to explore new topics, new methods of communication and new ideas.
  • Training experience in:
    • Chairing meetings and club management.
    • Formal speeches – welcome, introduction, thanks, toasts.
  • Speaking at short notice.
  • At the end of the meeting an accredited Coach offers advice and encouragement to all participants.
  • We would love you to visit us to see how all this works.

    If you are interested in joining us there is a joining fee of $30
    and subscriptions are currently $80 per year. On admission
    you will be provided with a very comprehensive structured
    learning program. This program can be adapted to each
    member’s needs.

    Our simple formula is: 


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