Bad News for the Bard – Annual debate between Clubs 9 and 7

Clubs 7 & 9 - the 2018 debateClubs 7 & 9 debating teams & adjudicator

Club 9 hosted the annual debate for the Genders & Wishart Trophy with Club 7, and despite wonderful Shakespearian oratory was not able to retain said trophy.

Club 9 argued that β€œhe Bard is Better than the Bart (Simpson)” but was narrowly defeated by the arguments of club 7.

Congratulations to club 7 represented by Nathan Rout-Pitt, Sebastian Szczepanski and Vincent Mraz!

Daniel McLean, Iqbal Maddakatel and Steve McClure performed well for Club 9 but were outpointed in the contest.

In the long running series, club 9 leads with only one more win than club 7, showing how evenly matched the contest is.

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