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Rostrum helped Eddie overcome stuttering, expand his horizons, and find his voice.


Eddie improves his general knowledge at Rostrum Name: Eddie Beulke

State and Club number: VIC, Club 27
Member since: 1997

I initially joined Rostrum because I had a speech abnormality (stutter) so as to get speaking practice in a formal atmosphere. I have had the opportunity to expand my horizons by enhancing my general knowledge, understanding other people's opinions.

This has come about with varying speaking tasks where I've had to argue against my personal opinion, speak on topics I know little about, and leading activities where I am able to facilitate the group.

The agendas are fun-filled with challenges that let us practice chairing unruly meetings, points of order, motions etc.

The experience I have gained has resulted in me being asked to chair public forums, give lectures on public speaking to health care workers, television executives, and students at Deakin, Latrobe and Melbourne Universities.

The members of Club 27 are like my family. We support each other in our highs and lows and our triumphs and losses.

In the meetings there are no winners or losers, no right or wrong, but perhaps there are winners when a member stands up and does something for the very first time.

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