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Einer has found that Rostrum skills are life-long skills. Find out why he likes the early starts to his club meetings!

Einer delivers better presentations with Rostrum

Name: Einer Herringe

State and Club number: SA, Club 26

Member since: 1993

Since joining Rostrum I have retired from full time employment. While I initially joined to gain confidence in delivering presentations to management and other stakeholders at work, I continue to benefit from my fortnightly meetings. Being able to think clearly and 'on my feet', especially with respect to short notice speeches, is always a useful skill to have. I believe practising all the different speaking skills keeps me sharp and attentive.

And then there is the fun and fellowship... I think I will be among the very many Rostrum members that will stay in the organisation for life. A side to Rostrum which I have always particularly enjoyed is the fun our members have during meetings. Ours start early (7.30am to 8.30am) and after that one hour with my fellow speakers I feel energised and ready to take on the world.

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