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Judy was about to face talking to 500 high school students when she sought help from Rostrum. She did not expect she'd fall in love - with Rostrum!

 Judy Kohl WA and confidence in speaking with RostrumName: Judy Kohl

State and Club number: WA, Leederville Club 64

Member since: 1st February, 2014

I love Rostrum. I mean, I LOVE Rostrum!

I was introduced to Rostrum one day surfing the net looking at how people started their careers in public speaking. I came across a girl who claimed that Rostrum gave her the confidence to start her own career giving talks to young girls about eating disorders. I had recently joined my current job at Samaritans Crisis Line and was due to give a talk to 500 high school students on suicide prevention and good mental health. I was terrified. I decided I would join Rostrum and see if it would help.

Well, I fell in love with Club 64 immediately. It was so much fun and exciting. I loved the diversity of the topics and the members were all caring, supportive, encouraging and young. Not at all what I expected!

Rostrum has given me the confidence to speak to small and large groups. It has helped me to think on the spot and also think before I speak. I enjoy receiving feedback from the Coach and my goal is to compete in the National Rostrum Public Speaking Competition in 2017. Rostrum has challenged me and helped me to become a more assertive public speaker. I look forward to Rostrum every fortnight and enjoy listening to the other members' talks. No two days are the same.
Club 64 is a fantastic club and I am a very proud member!

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