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There is a contagious feeling of enthusiasm in Paul's club.

paul talks about speaking in his Rostrum speaking clubName: Paul Halliday

State and club: QLD club 3

Member since: 1985

I've recently been part of the club's regrowth and it's been wonderful. Their example of a friendly focus on members and supporting each other has rejuvenated the club. The wealth of Club 10 speaking expertise and effective coaching has attracted three new and younger members. 

From Rostrum I have learned techniques for making speeches effective.  A recent speech at the club - only 3 minutes in length - was a visual story where we felt the unease and darkness.  We were part of the story, suspense drew us into the scene.  

I'm looking to change the tone and inflection in my voice and manage my body language.  The key for me will be to align my thoughts, voice and hands to the story in the speech.  I enjoy chairing meetings and have recently started a Certificate IV online for Training and Assessment.  I hope to be able to bring my Rostrum skills to contribute to volunteer training.

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